Besides attending Stanford University, after leaving Yosemite, Della lived only a short distance from the Stanford campus for 50 years. She loved being with the trees on the beautiful grounds. She produced numerous drawings and woodcuts of the Stanford campus.

In 1947 Della created a set of Stanford tree prints for the covers of the Stanford Alumni Review. Her drawings won first place in a nationwide alumni magazine contest. In 1948 she did a series of five well-recognized Stanford landmarks, Stanford Arches, Hoover Tower, the Quad, Palm Drive, and Memorial Church. These exquisitely carved woodcuts portray timeless Stanford scenes in both the past and the present. One-color woodcuts have been printed from the original woodblocks by her grandson, Martino Hoss. Each image is printed on paper from Japan, titled and signature-stamped.

Della’s Stanford prints can be ordered on this website.

Stanford University Woodcuts

  • Memorial Church
  • Hoover Tower
  • Inner Quad
  • Palm Drive
  • Stanford Arches