Della Taylor Hoss carved a series of woodblock images, Half Dome Autumn, Half Dome Winter, Half Dome Spring, El Capitan and Cathedral Spires. Each image consisted of three to five blocks printed with color. Della printed a number of small editions. At the time, she was influenced by the Arts and Crafts Movement and Japanese woodblock printing.

In 1988 Vincent Hoss, grandson of Della, printed a small edition of the Half Dome series and EI Capitan woodblocks for the Yosemite Renaissance art show. He utilized the original blocks and conferred with Della on color, paper and technique. Vince and Della were pleased when El Capitan was selected for honorable mention. The Half Dome prints have also been displayed in the Ahwahnee Hotel.

The Half Dome Autumn print was used for the cover of “Born in Yosemite” by Peter Hoss.

Martino has recently printed and enhanced additional color prints from the original blocks. Martino’s work can be seen on his website,

Yosemite woodcuts

  • Half Dome Spring
  • Half Dome Autumn
  • Half Dome Winter
  • Cathedral Spires
  • El Capitan